RESEARCH: Comparative Digital Marketing Assessments

Gain an edge over the competition by comparing your brand's digital strategy and tactics to three of your competitors. Our proprietary digital marketing assessment model is based on over 200 qualitative and quantitative factors and is designed to give you a 30,000 ft. view of how you stack up against your competitors in the digital marketplace.

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The 8-Point Landing Page Checklist for Lead Generation

Are you starting a new campaign or wondering why your current campaign isn't generating qualified leads? You may want to take another look at your landing page. If done properly, a landing page can be a lead generating machine for your brand but you need to make sure you are including all the necessary components. That's why we created this 8-point landing page checklist.

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Ultimate Guide To Lead Nurturing

There’s a good chance you’ve probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not millions - on generating leads. You know first-hand how time consuming, expensive, and challenging it is to make the most out of every new lead you acquire. The Ultimate Guide to Lead Nurturing will help you become a more effective marketer when it comes to generating and nurturing leads throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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How Does Your Digital Marketing Score?

Digital technology and design trends change overnight – especially for brands selling high consideration goods and services. But just because Google changes their algorithm or a design firm develops a new trend, doesn’t mean you should burn down your website and start from scratch. Whether you are looking to build a new website for a product or interested in revamping your current brand website, it’s always best to start with a digital audit to help guide strategic decisions.

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After the Sale

There’s a common misconception about the role marketing plays throughout the customer lifecycle, and we feel that many companies can do a better job building long-lasting relationships with customers after the sale. After the Sale was created to recognize the importance of the post-purchase phase of the customer lifecycle, and to suggest tools and strategies that can be used to increase sales by addressing the needs of owners.

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Marine Brand Increases Sales 2x With Customer Lifecycle Marketing

A premium marine brand approached AVALA Marketing Group to completely revamp their marketing infrastructure. Historically, this marine brand relied heavily on traditional marketing tactics, such as industry sponsorships and print advertising, to generate leads for their large dealer network. After years of following this approach, their contact database failed to increase and market share began to plummet.

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