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Ultimate Guide To Lead Nurturing

There’s a good chance you’ve probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not millions - on generating leads. You know first-hand how time consuming, expensive, and challenging it is to make the most out of every new lead you acquire. The Ultimate Guide to Lead Nurturing will help you become a more effective marketer when it comes to generating and nurturing leads throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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After the Sale

There’s a common misconception about the role marketing plays throughout the customer lifecycle, and we feel that many companies can do a better job building long-lasting relationships with customers after the sale. After the Sale was created to recognize the importance of the post-purchase phase of the customer lifecycle, and to suggest tools and strategies that can be used to increase sales by addressing the needs of owners.

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The Value Of Quality Assurance

QA is never going to be able to identify every bug or issue; software will never be perfect, and it is unrealistic to think it can be. It is important that decision makers and executives are aware of this, so the QA team is not set up for failure. So, if QA can’t make a product perfect, what is the value?

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4 Key Website Re-Design Considerations for Manufacturers

Design trends, SEO rankings, and the marketing technology landscape are changing constantly. How can your brand keep up when the digital world seems to progress overnight? If you're managing all of these tasks on your own, it can be overwhelming, and maybe even seem impossible.

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