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Don't Buy the Part Without The Plan

Technology is only as effective as the strategy behind it

If you're researching marketing automation or CX technology for your brand, you've probably been pitched expensive technology without strategic guidance on how to implement the technology. If this sounds like your situation, you've come to the right place. AVALA Marketing Group is the creator of Aimbase and the strategic digital partner that guides your brand every step of the way.

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Marketing Automation

The Marketing Engine helps manufacturers manage all pre-sale marketing initiatives, including media placement, lead nurturing, lead distribution to dealers, and content marketing strategy.

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Customer Experience (CX)

The Customer Experience Engine helps manage post-sale marketing efforts, including survey distribution and reporting, utilizing a CSI (customer satisfaction index) methodology.

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Real-Time Leads, Alerts & Analytics

Whether its lead engagement insight or alerts about a poor customer experience, your brand and your dealers will have real-time access to prospect and customer data at each stage in the lifecycle.