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Increasing Customer Retention 5%, Increases Profits up to 95%

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That’s right! Recent studies have shown that increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates by 5%, can help increase profits by 25% to 95%. And if you think these numbers are a stretch, just ask our clients how they have increased sales and brand loyalty with our proven marketing automation and customer satisfaction measurement platform, Aimbase.

Marketers who can actively find ways to facilitate positive word of mouth will build a competitive advantage in driving repeat sales from current customers and growing market share by acquiring new customers. But how do you develop a post-sale marketing strategy that produces results? Here are a few key factors to consider when developing your customer engagement strategy.

Listen to Your Customers

A robust CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) system and customer database will allow you to plan your post-sale nurturing efforts, based on the information provided by your customers. Platforms such as Aimbase can automatically keep track of each customer’s satisfaction scores and feedback, as well their activity on your brand website and emails. You can even track what customers are saying on your social networks or to your sales, customer service and marketing representatives.

Help Your Customers Belong to Your Brand

The more accessible you are to your customers, the more likely they’ll feel a belonging to your brand. Make your customers feel special with things like insider access to exclusive content and events. For example, personal invitations to VIP events and special access to useful digital tools can generate a rapport that will improve the relationships you have with your customers.

Send Your Customers Relevant Information

Your customer wants to receive information based on their specific needs and interests.  Do not send them information about new models or add-ons that are irrelevant to the product they’ve just purchased, the information they requested, or activities unrelated to how/where they use the product. Instead, collect data that can help you understand what each individual customer needs and what they will appreciate. It will make your lead nurturing efforts more effective and your owners happy.

Use the Right Tools

You may already have a lot of data about your current customers, but are you using software that lets you use that information effectively? New marketing automation technologies like Aimbase can increase revenues by building long-lasting relationships with customers through post-sale communications. These turn-key technology solutions make post-sale nurturing efforts more efficient and effective. Aimbase can also help you solicit and measure customer satisfaction, and identify your strongest advocates while giving them the ability to share their affinity for your brand.

To learn more, download our complete guide for nurturing leads after the sale.