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Get Your Dealers Engaged on Social Media - You'll Sell More

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Social Media has transformed the way we interact with and connect with potential consumers. It has provided a platform for businesses to advertise and sell their products and services. 

Most of your dealers will say, “but Facebook doesn’t sell [insert products].”

However, Facebook is usually one of the first places a potential customer will look at to research a dealership. So your dealers have to fish where the fish are! Social media can help target, find, and nurture new sales leads. 


Here’s a rundown on the four main social networks of importance to your dealers:

  • Facebook is the best place to initiate interaction. The dealer’s goal should be to get people talking on their page. Asking questions is a great way to do this.
  • Twitter is the best place to post reminders about upcoming sales, changes in hours of operation, or special events. Think of it as your dealer’s news blog.
  • Instagram is the best place to showcase your dealer’s inventory. They should use high quality pictures, relevant hashtags, and consistent filters.
  • YouTube is the best place to post videos. Dealers can showcase your products and spotlight all the features. Users love to see walk-through videos of all the bells and whistles.

It’s important to remember that dealers don’t need to be on every social media network. They need to be on the ones that make the most sense for their business. It’s better to only be on Facebook and do it well, than to be on 4 social channels that barely post recent updates.


Dealers should provide interesting content for their audience and keep a consistent posting schedule. Consumers want to be informed, entertained and inspired, not sold.

Some example dealership content ideas:

  • Dealership service specials and coupons
  • Inventory Photos
  • Manufacturer sales and offers
  • Photos from/of customers with their purchases
  • Reviews from consumers about the dealership
  • Events Photos (open houses, demo days, etc.)
  • Company Culture (spotlight service and sales team)
  • Local flavor of brand location


Curious how long the content should be? Here are some helpful character counts to get your dealers started.

1) Facebook

Maximum length of a status update: 63,206 characters.
Ideal length of a status update: 40-70 characters.
Ideal length of a video: 30–45 seconds long.

2) Twitter

Tweet: 140 characters max.
Comment with a Retweet: 116 characters max.
Link in a Tweet: Takes up 24 characters (leaving 116).

3) Instagram

Profile Bio: 150 characters max.
Image Caption: 2,200 characters max, but it cuts off in users' feeds after 3 lines of text.
Maximum Hashtags: 30 in a post or caption

Social media is not a set it up and forget it strategy for dealers; it’s a moving target. Dealers that choose not to engage on social media platforms are constructing a gap in their business’s relationship building cycle: showcase your product and services, have engaging two-way conversations with users, and build that lasting relationship.

And from your perspective as the manufacturer, providing ongoing assets, content calendars and lead generation promotions should be an integral part of your communications strategy.  It will help build consumer relationships and make it easier on your dealers to sell your products and services.

For advice on your social media, contact us to learn how you can use digital media to get consumers on your website and into your dealerships.