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Aimbase Marketing Automation


Aimbase® is a powerful marketing automation/customer experience (CX) technology designed for manufacturers with dealer networks. Our platform integrates marketing and CX touch points to ensure a manufacturer can manage the customer relationship from Aspiration to Advocacy®.

Aimbase is made up of two engines: the Marketing Engine helps manufacturers manage all pre-sale marketing initiatives, including media placement, lead nurturing, lead distribution to dealers, and content marketing strategy; and the Customer Experience Engine helps manage post-sale marketing efforts, including survey distribution and reporting, utilizing a CSI (customer satisfaction index) methodology.

Database Management

Consolidate all of your critical marketing data into one central location so that you can easily execute programs to attract and engage customers. 

  • Customer, dealer, product database
  • Customer activity history
  • Dealer territory management
  • Tiered-access management
  • 3rd Party Integrations



Lead Generation

Develop and track digital campaigns that turn unknown prospects into hand raisers. 

  • Digital media campaigns
  • Lead source tracking
  • Lead form management
  • Campaign and event segmentation
  • Closed sales and ROI reporting
  • Web session tracking
  • HIT (Highly Interactive Targets) Prospecting


Lead Management

Ensure sales-ready leads are quickly sent to channel partners so that prospects are responded to in a timely fashion. 

  • Lead routing
  • Lead and prospect scoring
  • Lead response tracking
  • Lead escalation tools
  • CRM integration



Nurture Marketing

Stay in contact with your customers through a series of timed and relevant messages designed to keep them interested in your brand. 

  • Triggered and automated email
  • Customer and dealer personalization
  • Lifecycle status targeting (new to the brand, repurchase, etc.)
  • Targeted content (lead type, product of interest, sales readiness, etc.)



Customer Experience

Gain a better understanding of how you and your channel partners are delivering on your brand promise. 

  • Satisfaction survey management
  • Satisfaction notifications
  • CSI and NPS scoring
  • Ratings and reviews 
  • Performance dashboards
  • Social advocacy module




Data & Communication Integrations


We believe integration strengthens the marketing power of Aimbase. It creates less disruption and more results for our clients. Here are just a few platforms that Aimbase integrates with:


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After the Sale

There’s a common misconception about the role marketing plays throughout the customer lifecycle, and we feel that many companies can do a better job building long-lasting relationships with customers after the sale. After the Sale was created to recognize the importance of the post-purchase phase of the customer lifecycle, and to suggest tools and strategies that can be used to increase sales by addressing the needs of owners.

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