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Digital & Strategic Marketing


Digital marketing and technology has evolved drastically over the past decade, but one thing has remained constant – brands selling high consideration goods and services need to make strategic marketing decisions to attract and retain customers. And it all starts with data.

We are experts at solving complex customer data issues and extracting key insights that will inform a winning digital marketing strategy. 


Our Capabilities



AVALA believes in a “data first” engagement with our clients. Data first means we use existing data or recommend key research to help identify who your customers are and your brand’s position in the marketplace. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Voice of Customer
  • Brand Positioning Research
  • Source of Volume/Migration Research
  • Customer Segmentation/Profiling
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Local Market Analysis
  • Marketing & Business Insights


Armed with key customer insights, we work with you to develop long and short-term marketing strategies. Our primary focus in this stage is to develop strategies that will position your brand as a category leader in the digital marketplace. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Journey Planning
  • Digital Assessments and Strategy
  • Digital Media Planning
  • Digital Engagement Plans
  • Market Penetration Plans
  • Digital Analytics and Optimization


In order to build long-term relationships with customers, you must engage them in meaningful conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Through engagement strategies, we can help your brand stay top-of-mind, generate qualified leads and drive more revenue. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Database Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation/Management
  • Prospect and Owner Nurturing
  • Consumer Promotions
  • New Product Launches
  • Digital Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Customer Advocacy Activation



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