National Marine Manufacturers Association



National Marine Manufacturers Association

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the nation’s leading trade association representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. Collectively, NMMA members manufacture an estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America.

In 2003, a team of NMMA member companies came together to create a program that would raise the bar for boat owner satisfaction, with the goal of supporting long-term growth opportunities for the marine industry. To achieve this goal, the NMMA aimed to create the marine industry’s first Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) program.





The NMMA CSI Program

The NMMA petitioned the marine marketing experts at AVALA to develop a program that would allow boat and engine manufacturers to gauge customer satisfaction with their products and compare these satisfaction rates across all recreational boating segments.





Aimbase Marketing and CX Technology

To accomplish this monumental task, AVALA utilized the Aimbase Marketing Automation and Advocacy platform to manage the implementation of the program. The program conducts two surveys with new boat and engine customers during the first year of ownership. The first survey is mailed shortly after the time of boat delivery and the second is sent nine months later. Together, the two surveys track customer satisfaction with the product, sales experience, delivery and service process, as well as product quality. AVALA is also responsible for the independent collection, tabulation, and reporting of the customer satisfaction data, all of which is captured in the Aimbase platform.





Improved Satisfaction Results

As the program has matured, new boat buyers have received an estimated 900,000 surveys. More than 250,000 customers have taken the time to tell us about their satisfaction with the new boats and engines they’ve purchased. These responses and subsequent data are shared with manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, develop support programs, track trends, and monitor and advance their customer satisfaction efforts.